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[The 32nd Seoul Int'l Educare Fair for Children] The Real-3-Dimensional Content "Qvolution"

Valution Inc. (www.i-plangle.com) proudly presented their real-3-dimensional educational content "Qvolution" to trigger kids' creativity and thought development at the 32nd Seoul Intl' Educare Fair for Children at COEX Mall from 21st(Thur.) to 24th (Sun.).

Qvolution, unlike the usual add-and-remove block toys, contains handy magnets within the material for kids to easily add and remove each cube to create any shape from their creative idea. Each cube contains rails and straight lines inside so that a kid may put a small ball included in the toy set to roll at the end of assembling for fun. These rails not only present fun to kids but also allow kids to think more deeply how to roll the ball in the best scientific way when assembling the cubes.

Qvolution finished to acquire the Korean intellectual patent and register their design, and they are preparing to apply for the international patent and design registration. Moreover, Qvolution finished to exclusively conclude the contract with the German distributor, "Merlin."

"Seoul Intl' Educare Fair for Children" has been flourishing over 20 years, gaining the reputation of the best and long-run fair of the nation especially related with kids products and educational contents. This time, the Fair has taken the role of guide under its current slogan, "G.O.O.D." that stands for "for Good parents and teachers!," and "for Our kids' dream!"

Meanwhile, Aving Global News participates in the Fair as a media partner to bring the live news to the subscribers, and concluded MOU with UX, the music-source provider possessing about fifty-thousand music sources, for sound use in the Fair movie making.

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